We were not seriously looking for a dog when, in February 2007, we were told of one being fostered for Rawhide Rescue that we might like – a 9 year old YorkiePoo in need of a home, by the name of Tricksie.  Her family had outgrown their interest in having a pet and she had been surrendered.  We wondered whether we would like an older dog, especially one who had lost weight and looked like a “sad sack” when she came to our home.  But she needed us and we soon found out how lucky we were.

Tricksie quickly got her appetite and spirit back and was the best dog that we could imagine.  We loved walking her and enjoying each others company, including having her join us in bed (as shown in the picture) and sleeping on her down pillow.  She was there for us when we suffered some tragic family losses.  When she could no longer safely jump, we got her stairs for her to scamper up into bed.  We couldn’t resist the occasional table scraps – a “no-no” – but which also meant that she joined us at mealtime.  When we returned from being out she would race around the house with joy at seeing us and yowl with happiness.  Tricksie was a cherished friend that we were blessed to have for over 8 years.  May she rest in peace and one day be waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge.

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Rawhide Rescue Calendars are here. December 17th 2022 Adoption Day. Outside Adoption Event at PetSmart December 17th, calendars will be available.

Weather permitting, we will be holding a special outside Adoption Event on December 17th from 11 AM to 12:30 PM next to PetSmart in the Bridgewater Promenade.We will have 2023 calendars for sale $10 to pick up or order through Paypal and we will mail it to you for $15,Click here to purchase our 2023 calendar.


 We will be practicing safe social distancing.   We are trying to keep everyone safe, so we are doing as much as possible of the adoption process online.  Please check  out Petfinder, go to the "Our Dogs" tab if you are interested in adopting, or email us at and we will get back to you.