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Sophie 2007 – 2023

I brought my Sophie home from Rawhide Rescue in January 2007. She was just 9 weeks old. I had to put my precious baby to sleep on December 9, 2023. She was 17 years old. Sophie was the most intelligent, most loyal, most loving, and most devoted baby. Losing her is like losing half of my life as we did everything together. Words cannot express the love we shared. I ordered a memorable pillow and I kiss it each and every night, telling her how much I miss her and how much joy she brought to my life. The grief I’m experiencing is raw. It’s unimaginable. It’s so painful. It’s debilitating. I wish she could have lived forever. I know I’m being selfish, as we did share our lives for 17 years, but it wasn’t long enough. RIP my sweet baby girl knowing how much you were treasured and how much you are missed. I wear a pendant that is holding a portion of her remains, and I kiss it each and every day. RIP my little love. RIP.

RIP Lizzie February 2023

Rip Lizzie February 2023

We first met Lizzie at a Rawhide Adoption Event just to burn some time. My family saw many dogs that day and right as we were about to leave, I decided to go up to Lizzie. The woman working with her said she was extremely scared and shy and that she rarely interacts with people/kisses them. I bent down to pet her and she kissed my nose immediately. We all knew this was a sign that she was meant to be in our family. We decided to go through the adoption process and ended up getting the most sweet girl ever. She was the most perfect addition to our family and spent the most amazing 10 years with us. After a year long battle with dementia, we decided to put her down in February of 2023. Lizzie filled our family with smiles, joy, and most importantly unconditional love. We are so thankful to Rawhide for connecting us with Lizzie and the consistent help they provide for animals in need. Lizzie was one of a kind and there will never be another dog as sweet, loving, and funny as her :).


We adopted our sweet lab mix, Mason, from Rawhide Rescue in May, 2007, when he was about 3 months old. His name at adoption was Rochester, and he’d been brought up from Arkansas with the rest of his litter. Mason was the sweetest, most easy-going and friendly dog ever. If we were walking a path…

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Estelle sadly passed over the rainbow bridge on Saturday, September 28th after a brave fight with a mast cell tumor. She was rescued from a horrible hording situation in Monmouth County in 2011 and because of her early years there was an extremely shy girl.  She was rescued by Rawhide at 5 years old and…

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On March 13, 2010, we adopted one of your dogs.  Her name was Sparkles and she was a mini schnauzer who was rescued from a puppy mill.   We changed her name to Muffin. It is with a heavy heart to inform you that Muffin has pasted.  She developed cancer in her intestines and her liver. …

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