Where are you Located? I want to see the dogs.

We are an all volunteer group, and the majority of our spare time is spent caring for our dogs and following up on specific applications. We do not have a physical shelter; we are a network of volunteers who open our hearts and homes to dogs in need.  We regularly hold Adoption Days, where many of our dogs attend with their foster parents. 

Why do you charge a fee to adopt a dog?

It costs a lot of money to care for, transport, medically treat, provide shelter and feed the multitude of dogs that we rescue. Many of them require extensive and expensive veterinary care. Many times the adoption fee does not even cover all the costs Rawhide Rescue has paid for the dog. We supplement adoption fees with fundraising event and private donations to be able to continue our rescue work.

I need to find a new home for my dog, can you help?

When we are able, we do take in surrender dogs but we strongly request that all surrender dogs be neutered/spayed at the owner’s expense and up to date on vaccinations. It is helpful if you can keep the dog in your home while we look for a new home for him or her. If you can not keep the dog we do require several weeks notice since we will have to find an appropriate foster home for the dog. All surrender dogs will need to be temperament tested by one of our representatives before we can commit to re-homing him or her.

What dogs do you have for adoption?

To view the dogs that are currently in our foster homes, please visit rawhiderescue.com and click on the “Our Dogs” link.  This link gives you pictures; breed information, an assessment of the dog’s personality traits and our recommendations on the type of home we feel would fit them best.

How do I get a dog?

If you see a dog that looks appropriate for your home, we encourage you to fill out an application. If you have specific questions about the dog, please e-mail us at rawhiderescue@hotmail.com.  It is easier for us to answer you if we have your application on file and we will make every effort to answer all your questions.

I sent in an application. Why haven’t I heard from you yet?

Please keep in mind that many dogs receive multiple applications. If we receive multiple applications on a certain dog, we will make every effort to contact all applicants, but in some instances due to time constraints we don’t always have the time to follow up on every application.

I didn’t get the dog I sent in an application for. What do I do now?

Please keep in mind that many of our successful adopters’ re-sent in an application for different dogs. If at first you don’t succeed, try again! Additionally, since we can’t see you in person over e-mail, we strongly encourage you to e-mail us pictures of your house, your yard (and fences if applicable), and pictures of any other pets you may have in your home. This will help us get to know you and your family and get a better feel for which dog would thrive best in your home (pictures should be sent to rawhiderescue@hotmail.com).

Can I volunteer with Rawhide Rescue?

We are an all volunteer rescue and LOVE volunteers.  To become a Rawhide Rescue Volunteer, please complete our volunteer application form.

How do I donate to Rawhide Rescue?

We have several programs and have a secure online donation site. You can donate here and make the payment with a card or PayPal account.