Ginger & Angel

My Ginger was rescued from a puppy mill breeder in 2009 (by No More Tears Rescue) where she had spent her life (at least 5 yrs) in a rabbit hutch with the physical and emotional scars to prove it. I adopted her from Rawhide Rescue soon after.

She was with me for 2-1/2 years until I lost her on 8/12/11. In that time she never knew a crate or a choke collar (always a harness if needed) but boy did she know beds, she had at least 2 in every room which she took great delight in fluffing before naps. She immediately bonded with my dog and they were quickly inseparable. Although it took longer for her to warm up to me it was worth the wait. After a year and a half, they were so good together almost like having 1 dog.

After a year I decided I needed to do more and took in a foster from Rawhide (Star Marie). At first, ginger didn’t seem to like her, but when she whined in her crate ginger went right to her and laid down outside the crate to calm her. Once she was adopted another foster came in, this time a very malnourished very old border collie (Angel), once she got healthy Ginger was great with her sleeping next to her at nights and sharing her beds with her.

After 9 months together Angel passed away in my home on 7/4. A week later Ginger started acting strangely at first she seemed to be having some trouble with her back legs, then progressed to seizures. despite the best the vet could do she got steadily worse till on 8/12 she had full body seizures that she never really came out of and she had to be sent over the bridge. The vet thought it was a brain tumor, I think she waited until Angel was gone because she had to help one more dog over the bridge.

I just recently took in a new foster (Sara lee)and when I think of keeping her all that comes to mind is “she’s not Ginger” but that’s alright she’s someone’s Ginger and hopefully I can help them find each other. I may have lost her but because of her 3 more dogs have been saved and probably more to come…